New 3D Mapping Platform - coming soon to Map-N-Tour Application

We are pleased to announce Map-N-Tour will soon move its 3D maps to TerriaJS - a modern technology platform that integrates seamlessly with all modern browsers. 

Our clients and their customers will realize many benefits with this upcoming transition:

  • Built on a plug-in free modern technology(WebGL)
  • Access from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Linux browsers -access for a more international audience
  • Maps are now accessible directly from mobile browsers
  • Map content can be viewed in both 2D and 3D
  • Map load time and responsiveness is improved
  • All media types we currently use are supported
  • It positions us to deliver 3D on mobile devices in the future

Expected Differences:

  • There is no ability to import 3D layers from Google.  However, streaming of 3D buildings in select major metropolitan areas from CyberCity 3D will be available as of summer 2015.  There is a utility to convert your existing 3D models.  This will allow customers to utilize their existing investment in 3D models while realizing the benefits of the new platform.
  • You may notice some slight differences in map navigation and UI, although we expect a continued great user experience.

Get a sneak peak at the new platform:

Midland Virtual Tour       Redwood County Virtual Tour      Gerald R Ford Tour