Map-N-Tour is an outstanding digital marketing company that has been a superior partner on delivering great products to our clients. They are highly responsive, flexible and always creative in seeking solutions that are not only state of the art but exceeds our customer’s expectations. A recent project , the Northwest Iowa Business Location Tour, just received an award from the highly respected International Economic Development Council for outstanding New Media marketing. We are beginning to see the results of a well-crafted digital marketing product with the Virtual Tour attracting highly valuable web and social media traffic that will lead to business inquiries. Smart Solutions Group will not hesitate to work with Map-N-Tour again to deliver products beyond expectations.
— Bob Henningsen, Smart Solutions Group, Des Moines, IA
We just received feedback from a prospect that confirmed the importance of Map-N-Tour to our economic development efforts. I forwarded it to our BOD this morning to thank them for their support of our efforts as well as their willingness to allow us to use tools like Map-N-Tour to differentiate ourselves from the competition.
I thought you might like to see how the software is making a difference! We receive similar feedback on a regular basis.
— Corey Mehaffy, Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation
When I first came to Midland I didn’t know what there was to do here. After finding out about the Midland Quality of Life Tour provided through Map-N-Tour, Inc. I watched it and I learned so much about the Midland area. I was able to find out more about the town I lived in and the activities it provided. Nothing compares to the convenience this virtual tour has to those who want to know more about their community and its opportunities
— Nicolas Pilon, Northwood University, Midland, MI
Wadena County, Minnesota is currently using Map-N-Tour as our county’s digital directory and visitor information resource. The County Commissioners are very excited about the look, navigation and professionalism the tour offers as a means to promote our county’s assets. Benefits of using the product include: the ability for businesses to economically co-market their goods and services, our organization can easily administer the tour content, and generate income by selling enhanced business information profiles for a premium. The tour will be linked to all community, government, and business websites. Denny and the Map-N-Tour staff are second to none as far as customer support and service!
— Mark Hanson, Director, West Central Economic Development Alliance (WCEDA), Wadena, MN
The Map-N-Tour App builds excitement and anticipation of visiting new places with the mental images it creates – there is more passion and commitment in telling the story – more heart and soul in the experience for users. Your maps create a personal connection that people can relate to.
— Gage Howard, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI
Map-N-Tour is not a product — it is an experience!

It’s a competitive advantage by creating a multi-dimensional experience where very few organizations or venues are engaging consumers in this way.

”It is an opportunity to teach people, making them more interested — and ultimately becoming more loyal to an area because they know more and feel a part of it.
— Patty Janes, Ph.D., Hospitality and Tourism Management Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI and Michigan Cares for Tourism
This is the most interactive product I have seen and seems to nicely integrate all the active opportunities together. It’s a wonderful tool!
— Nancy Krupiarz, Executive Director Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance Lansing, MI
When my office agents ask me which website is the best for introducing Midland, Michigan to new-comers as a job transferee, I refer them to the Midland Virtual Tour. With everything easily accessible in one location - it answers questions people ask the most. This tour is a valuable time-saving resource for Realtors when people want to know if the town is a good place to live. Map-N-Tour’s technology allows us to invite people to visit the area virtually. They quickly familiarize themselves with resources and lifestyle opportunities ahead of time so we can focus on their home purchase once they arrive in town. The Midland Tour can also be a competitive advantage to the local economy because attracting new home owners brings increased revenues to local businesses.
— Eunmi Kim, Century 21 Signature Realtor Relocation Certified Agent Midland, MI
We are excited to work with Map-N-Tour to bring the latest technology in custom virtual tours to our clients through our Location One platform. Map-N-Tour’s service provides economic development organization’s with visuals that can help them showcase their communities and properties to prospective clients.
— Lisa Franklin Manager, Economic Development LOIS – Location One Information Systems Kansas City, MO
I watched the “Panguitch Quilt Walk” video on the Story Road Utah Tour with my family and was excited to see how it captivated all five of my children, from our 7-year-old all the way up to our 18 year-old! The fun song and great storytelling kept the interest of our younger children, while the ability to ‘virtually’ cross the mountain range intrigued my older children, allowing us all to better visualize just how far they traveled. To be able to follow the trail that was taken so many years ago really made the story come alive for our family. We liked the different places marked on the trail that showed key points of the journey. The video allowed us to discover an amazing event that we otherwise might have never known about. After watching the video, my 12-year-old exclaimed, “Can we go there?!?” followed by the others echoing her request. If ever in the area, we will be sure to stop and see the actual place where this story happened. Learning about the Panguitch Quilt Walk has made me rethink all the historic marker signs we see along the highway. We so often pass them by because we just don’t know the amazing story that they hold.
— Sara Gudmundsen, Midland, MI


“Map-N-Tour is an excellent economic development tool which provides an informative and interactive virtual tour resource for residents, visitors, and businesses in our county.   We use it to promote our industrial parks, infrastructure, quality of life, education and health care.   It also serves as an interactive business directory – featuring businesses that support and invest in stimulating the economic growth and community vitality of Redwood County.  

The mobile app is accessible for phones and tablets and we like its media-rich content which can be updated instantly to provide timely information to our clientele, customers, and citizens.  As a LOIS customer, we can link our virtual tour to each listing.  We see the benefit of site selectors and clients who are considering a property or site to learn more about the area and the exact location before they make a trip to visit us!

I commend Map-N-Tour in their professionalism and timeliness on working with this project which in itself was developed all virtually.    This tool can only improve and expand exposure to a larger audience about Redwood County . . . Rich in Resources, Ready for You!”

Julie Rath, Economic Development Specialist, Redwood County, Minnesota

I think the Map-N-Tour product absolutely enhances Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation’s economic development effort. We have had several site selectors who have followed up with direct questions specifically because of things they saw on the tour. We have earned brownie points from our prospects by providing a quick introductory virtual tour saving them time and money without requiring them to fly to the community.

We looked for a product that would integrate into our GIS site buildings and inventory database that would give compliments and added value to that tool by also allowing a virtual tour. We found
Map-N-Tour was the best easy-to-use platform that we could use for our limited staff.
The tool is flexible and allows us to do a lot of unique, creative, and innovative things. We are putting 3D Spec buildings on our tour. This allows businesses to see what it would look like in our shovel ready Lake Wissota Business Park which saves clients time and minimizes risk. We’ve had people contact us for more information about the 3D buildings thinking they were already built! Add that to a virtual tour, and it positions us very well.

Selfishly we don’t want other EDO’s using Map-N-Tour. The reason is we like to be the one who is innovative and we have found the site selectors like it which we feel will give us a competitive edge. Saying that, and knowing we are all family, EDO’s would see the value in the Map-N-Tour platform and how utilizing it can cut costs, allows them to reach more site selectors and more business decision makers. They can customize the virtual tour message to the target industries.
We are going to make it easy for those businesses that are looking at expanding into the Wisconsin area to use a virtual tour map to answer their questions and really make their site selection process even smoother.

We are going to use the virtual tour to customize talent attraction by sending it to those younger generations. It fits right into our marketing efforts — we are really happy with the tool.
— Charlie Walker, President/ CEO Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation Chippewa Falls, WI

Chris Boyle, Owner
Port Austin Kayak, Port Austin, MI

“I knew immediately Map-N-Tour’s product was something I was interested in.  For years I have been trying to figure out the best way to market kayaking trails using maps, pictures and video in the Port Austin area.  Map-N-Tour provided the perfect format.

I am terrified of technology and avoid it whenever possible.  However, Map-N-Tour trained me how to set it up.  Putting in the information was very intuitive so in a very short time I had the hang of it.  Denny and Map-N-Tour tech support were always available if I had a question or needed help.  I have completed my virtual tour and I am excited to add to it on my own in the future.

Planning outdoor adventures is a lot of fun. It builds the anticipation of what you are going to experience once you get there.  In the past I had to buy maps, books, brochures and go to many different websites to plan my outdoor trip.  Map-N-Tour puts all the information you need for a trip in one place.  By adding pictures, video and voice recordings with maps you can change customers thinking from "I should do that" to "I'm doing it!"

Terry Latey, Research Librarian/DB Administrator
Historical Pioneer Research Group, Omaha, NE

History comes alive when experienced through the interactive software of Map-N-Tour. Telling history through the use of this technology engages all generations to explore helping them to understand their legacy. Experiencing the spirit of place for genealogists gives insight to the researcher perhaps not gained in any other way. Map-N-Tour protects the intellectual property one might include, shielding data, documents, videos, photographs, artwork etc. in a protective shell.
Great effort has been made by the company to build the software’s administrative interface that is intuitive and easy to use.

Because they understand the great importance of preserving history’s story for future generations the company’s support team gives extraordinary attention to the needs and ideas of their customers. This is the future of historical research. Map-N-Tour is cutting edge technology for genealogical-historical research and sharing with families their unique heritage.

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Scott Walker, CEO  
Midland Tomorrow (EDC) of Midland, MI

"We looked for over a year to find a product that would meet our requirements for an online marketing tool to help us share the heart and soul that makes Midland special.

We wanted something that would:
       Package the content we would deliver in person if people were to visit our community
       Extend our outreach
       Be available to Anyone, Any Time, Anywhere
       Provide an Interactive Multi-media experience
       Allow users to control their journey and “see” parts of the community that most interest them.
       Not require a $100,000 development effort and really make effective use of marketing budgets

Map-N-Tour, Inc. was the only company with a solution that met all of our expectations.  Their willingness to work with us in a collaborative development process and their focus on customer service was outstanding, and they ultimately exceeded our expectations.   They have created a software package that will enable other communities to implement it in a very cost effective way.”

I have been working with the Map-N-Tour products for over three years. Being the Director of Marketing and Attraction for Midland County’s economic development — Midland Tomorrow, I found that Map-N-Tour products suited our needs for both marketing and attraction. I asked Denny Henson for a new tour last year. I found that from planning to training to execution, it was seamless. The professionals at Map-N-Tour know exactly what I needed and worked to create a quality of life tour within a short time frame. This tour has been very good for the community, from real estate agencies to site selectors. The Map-N-Tour product is a value to my organization. I highly recommend connecting with Map-N-Tour for your marketing needs.
— Linda Hanlon Marketing & Attraction Director, Midland Tomorrow Midland, MI

Ron Bloomfield, Director of Operations and Chief Historian
Bay County Historical Society, Bay City, MI    

“Working with Virtual Trails (now Map-N-Tour) has allowed our museum to offer much needed online content in a reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-access format.  This not only increases our organization’s educational capacity, it also allows us to use modern technology to connect with patrons outside of the museum setting, thus reaching and serving a much wider audience.  Their staff has been accessible, knowledgeable and eager to help, and the product has exceeded our expectations.  I would highly recommend Map-N-Tour to anyone looking for virtual tour capabilities and to provide online museum content.”

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Megan Raphael, Virtual History Tour Project Coordinator
History Center of Traverse City, Traverse City, MI

 “I would highly recommend Map-N-Tour to any business or organization looking for an innovative new way to promote their community, tourism, history, etc.  The Map-N-Tour software is as easy to use as it is exciting to see.  Their customer service is exemplary; they guided us through the process every step of the way with helpful information, valuable tips, and lots of encouragement. If we ever ran into a challenge in developing our site, Denny and her team were there to answer questions and walk us through the necessary steps to solve the problem.  They understood our deadlines and worked with us to meet them.  Their training materials are excellent; clear, easy to read and understand.  All in all, we are extremely pleased with our final product – a tour of historical homes and buildings - and I can’t say enough good things about Map-N-Tour.” 

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